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Career Clarity?
Join my bootcamp to stop doing work you hate and finally find work that will make you happy and pay you what you want!

This 5 Week Bootcamp Start the Week of June 7th

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Doors are open THIS WEEK ONLY until Sunday, May 23th @ 11:00 pm Pacific Time.

Are you feeling trapped in a job you hate?


Do you want to know which career will be the best fit for you?

The Design Your Dream Job Bootcamp gives you the clarity to finally know what you need to be happy in your career.

Hi there, my name is Dane Wright!

And for the past 5 years I've been helping people all over the world discover and launch their dream careers.
The burning question most of my clients ask is...

"Dane, how can I know which job will actually make me happy, so I can finally feel excited to go to work every single day!?"

And I get it!

My first career started with a hard stop.  

You see, I worked my ass off to get my Mechanical Engineering degree, but it turns out I was wrong about what I thought it would be like to be an engineer! 

That job made me depressed and bored out of my mind. 

And I was freaking out!! 

The thought of sitting in a job for 40 years doing something I already hated literally made me numb. 

But what would my friends and family think about me if I quit!?

SCREW worrying about what everyone else thinks!!

So, I leveraged my engineering mindset to rethink my job selection process. 

After doing tons of research, what I discovered is that there are 5 distinct ingredients needed to get clear about which job is the perfect match for you! 

And I'll be covering these exact 5 ingredients during my Design Your Dream Job Bootcamp.

Because the truth is you don’t have to suffer through life, hating what you’re doing, just to get a paycheck! 


This 5 Week Bootcamp Start the Week of June 7th 

During the Bootcamp I'll help you customize these 5 essential ingredients for you:
Define what you love to do that matches a fulfilling job.
Identify what the world needs that aligns with your values.
Illuminate your zone of genius.
Discover what makes you feel valued, beyond the paycheck.
Define the non-negotiables you need to be happy.

Leave out any of these 5 critical ingredients 
and you’re on track for boredom or burn-out!

So join me in the Design Your Dream Job Bootcamp for a ridiculously low price of...



...and finally know which job is THE ONE that will bring you happiness and fulfillment!

What Past Students Have To Say...

"It's much more easier because you know much more about yourself after the bootcamp"
- Jani

"Lack of direction is super frustrating, but after the bootcamp I am just much more centered now" 
- Tong

"I wanted more passion in my life... to go in a direction that would fulfill my dreams" 
- Mihaela

Here's a sneak peak at the 5 essential ingredients and what to expect each week of the bootcamp:

INGREDIENT #1: What You Love To Do

The first ingredient of what I call your Dream Job DNA, is knowing what you love to do. 

What excites you? What could you enthusiastically talk about for hours on end? 

On week 1 of my Design Your Dream Job Boot Camp, I help you define that and show you how to weave what you love into your future dream career.  

Most people have no clue how to do this, but without this critical ingredient, you end up lost, chasing the status or a paycheck and burnt out. And because of this, health or relationship issues often show up later in life.

INGREDIENT #2: What The World Needs

The second essential element is to define what problems exist in the world that you’d like to help solve. 

Blindly jumping into a career that doesn’t give you the satisfaction of making a difference is a guaranteed path to feeling numb and bored day after day, year after year.

So on week 2 of the bootcamp I’ll be tapping into my engineering skills to help you systematically align your vision and values with what the world needs.

You'll know where passion really comes from and get connected with your true purpose. 

INGREDIENT #3: What You're Good At

The 3rd critical element to knowing which career you’ll love, is to zero in on what you’re good at... 

AND could even be the best at! 
So what have you been recognized for? What skills make you stand out that align with a career path?

Without this alignment, your job will never feel right and you may never feel successful or fulfilled.
During week 3 of the bootcamp, I’m going to share two techniques that will give you clarity around identifying those natural talents you possess, that not only set you apart, but also align with what you love to do.

INGREDIENT #4: The Paycheck

And let’s not forget about compensation, right!?
Let's get one thing straight: You deserve to be paid what you're worth! 

The fourth critical element to knowing what career will light you up is to define what’s in it for you!

Money is important but there’s more to that picture. 

So, on week 4, I’ll share another piece of my Dream Job DNA process with you that illuminates the values you need to be happy plus how to get paid what you want, to do work you love. 

INGREDIENT #5: Your Non-Negotiables

And the 5th essential element to designing a career that lights you up is your non-negotiables.  

Long commutes? Micromanaging bosses? Toxic cultures? 


These are just a few of the things that can turn your career into a living hell.

So, during the final week I’ll help you define what you need to be happy and feel valued.

All of this is covered in my Design Your Dreamjob Bootcamp...

So by the end you’ll be clear about: 
  • What you love to do that matches a career
  • ​What world-needs light you up
  • Uncovering your zone of genius
  • Beyond pay - what also brings you fulfillment
  • The non-negotiables that honor your values
If you’re ready to take a stand for having a career you love, click the button below and get yourself registered.

And because the pandemic has added an extra layer of career anxiety...

I’ve decided to offer you my Design Your Dream Job Bootcamp at a ridiculously low (85% OFF) price of...



Because I don’t want anything standing in the way of you knowing exactly what career is perfect for you, AND what to do next to get it launched NOW!

So grab a spot before the bootcamp gets filled up.

If you’re ready to take a stand for having a career you love, click the button below and get yourself registered.

And I want you to feel totally confident about doing the bootcamp...

So if after week 1 you don’t feel you’ve gotten at least 10X the value of your investment, I’ll refund your registration fee - no questions asked. 
What do you say? Are you ready to say “yes” to joining me and getting those 5 key elements dialed in for you so that you can finally know for certain, which career is the one that will bring you happiness, meaning and purpose?

Your happiness matters!

Your life matters!

And you can have a career that lights you up!

Click any of the buttons on this page NOW to claim your spot and join me for the Design Your Dream Job Boot Camp!

Because if you’re tired of either...

Wasting your time away not knowing what career is gonna bring you meaning and fulfillment...


If you’ve gotten yourself into a career that’s turned out to be the wrong fit and you don’t know what to do about it...

Scroll down and get yourself enrolled in my Design Your Dream Job Bootcamp.  

It’s a ridiculously low price of $297.

Also, full transparency:

I don’t know HOW long the price will stay this low, as I do have plans to raise it in the future. 

So make sure you get access at $297. 

That’s the lowest price it’s ever going to be. 

And if you’re worried about the time commitment...

Here’s the deal - each session is only 1 hour and is at the end of the work day. 

Plus, you will get a recording of all the sessions.

So scroll down, click the YES button, get yourself enrolled, and finally stop the relentless searching and panic attacks. 

Have a burning question? Here’s what’s come up for other bootcampers

  How do I know it's going to work?

I find that more often than not, participants actually know what to do, but there is usually something holding them back that keeps them stuck and they dont know why. This is why we leverage the power of transformational learning throughout the bootcamp. 

Transformational learning is different from informational learning because it allows participants to uncover these blindspots so that participants are free to take action without internal resistance. After all, it is the actions you take that get you the results you want!

  Where is this bootcamp happening?

It's all going down inside our pop-up Facebook group and live trainings will be hosted on Zoom!

  Will I be able to ask Dane questions?

You bet, friend! I'll be there to answer any questions you have throughout the bootcamp during the Q&A sessions at the end of each training and in the Facebook group.

  Will the bootcamp really be worth my time?

Answer me this: What would it be worth for you to know that you are on track to creating a career that will bring you a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment?

If that is important to you, then it will be worth it. If you don't care about being happy in your career, then this is probably not the program for you.

  Is this the same stuff I can get off the Internet?

We live in the information age. Everything you need to know is just a google away. And yet, most people are still not happy, healthy and successful! 

While the curated information you will get in the bootcamp will certainly be next level, what you will find is that the majority of the value of the bootcamp comes from the live coaching and being surrounded by a community of people all working together to overcome the same challenge as you.

It is this real human connection that makes the bootcamp a truly life altering and unforgettable experience.

  Why is the bootcamp so cheap?

I know that the pandemic has added some serious financial stress to everyone's lives and careers, and I don't want that to prevent anyone from getting this training.

Also, if you have a great time in the bootcamp my hope is that we'd continue to work together!

  What if I can’t make it to the live trainings? 

Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with lifetime access to the call recordings, so you can watch whenever is best for you. 

However, I’ll be jamming out and answering questions live, so I HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time so you can get your specific Qs answered! If you don’t prioritize your life now, when will you? 
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